4C Process

The Prescription
for Success

In increasingly competitive global markets, the brands that most succinctly identify their core focus and their key customers’ specific needs will continually carve out the most relevant market niches…and the highest profit margins.
Most companies talk about quality, value, innovation and differentiation but so few actually achieve it. The BRANDEMIC process propels you toward your goals by providing clarity first, via a sustainable brand filter. Clear focus is the most critical component in the generation of relevant and differentiated product and marketing strategies.
Once brand clarity is achieved, BRANDEMIC will continue to work with your management team, and the appropriate external resources, to apply the brand filter to a proven business road mapping process that brings focus to your customers’ wants and needs, along with instant positive momentum to your organization, literally changing the fortunes of your enterprise.
By confronting reality through a clear lens, only then can the most serious challenges be tackled and solved. The process is not about ingratiating ourselves to your management team or securing a long-term consulting contract… it’s about helping you win. BRANDEMIC is a proven brand building partner with CMO/VP level experience from inside some of the most recognizable consumer brands in the US and abroad, such as Foot Locker, adidas, Fleet Feet, Nathan Sports, Woolrich, 180s, Inc., The Number 118-118 (UK) and Little Me Childrenswear. This leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, turnarounds and startups has brought valuable lessons about value creation and the execution of product, marketing and business plans that will greatly benefit you and your team.
BRANDEMIC was founded on the strong conviction that business leaders must move with objectivity and a sense of urgency to discover and act upon the fundamental truths of their companies, their competitors and the markets they operate within.
Before you begin the journey to startup or revitalize your brand, we urge you to go through a rigorous but speedy discovery and planning process, led by an objective and experienced partner like BRANDEMIC. Together, within 2–4 weeks depending on your circumstances, we will build business breakthroughs via differentiated product strategies, dynamic marketing plans and sustainable business practices. As a bonus, you’ll not only achieve your goals, but you’ll save precious time, money and resources along the way… guaranteed.
BRANDEMIC is not an advertising, PR, product design, market research or classical consulting firm. Therefore, we have no hidden agenda with regard to your business or creative needs, past, present or future. Our expertise is in driving the process with internal and third-party resources and getting powerful results. By providing clarity of purpose to internal and external business partners, your products, services and marketing programs will be more appealing to your key customers.
It’s often easy to decide what you want to do. Outwitting, outmaneuvering and out-executing your competition are the tricky parts. It takes strategic focus and stamina to generate creative solutions to complex business challenges. BRANDEMIC is seasoned in leading this process and can save you precious time and resources as you seek out your brand’s sweet spot…the place where increased customer awareness, revenues and profits intersect with your purpose and vision.
In just about every category you name, customers have more choices than ever before. At the same time, new tools exist that give customers more control over the path to purchase than ever before. BRANDEMIC exists to help you be there with everything they need to choose your products and services whenever and wherever they’re ready to engage.
Our detailed customer road mapping process helps your team chart the customer journey and create the experiences most appropriate for your brand’s customers. Being customer-centric in strategic planning is the most direct and effective path to revenue and profit growth. BRANDEMIC will help your team navigate that path in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. 
PLANNING Strategic Brand Planning

Determine where to go and the path to take you there. By creating a clear roadmap, with short and long-term goals, your team will avoid unnecessary angst and churn in order to remain focused on the tactical choices that enhance progress towards your core mission.


The Brand Filter consists of: 1) a detailed Brand Bible which outlines your brand’s Vision and Purpose for all stakeholders, along with Brand Essence and Key Customer Profiles and other important elements for internal teams to understand and build upon, and; 2) a concise Brand Brief to build a compelling Brand Positioning and Brand Filter to help guide the brand voice and design direction.

Mapping Customer Journey Mapping

It begins and ends with your customers. Document your brand experience through their eyes. Build your digital and physical toolkit for the most efficient acquisition and retention of customers in order to build loyalty and increase lifetime customer value.

Activation Brand Activation

Work directly with your internal staff, external agencies and business partners to help manage specific projects and activate your brand with clarity and conviction. This includes digital marketing tactics, ensuring that you have the requisite technologies and processes in place to attract and retain customers, measure ROI and increase loyalty. 


Build an internal team of brand champions through participatory training sessions that engages all employees in the brand purpose and their role in “living the brand” across all functions. This helps managers put the right talent behind the right projects and helps each team member see the value in their role and feel their most fulfilled. This internal brand engagement is where many companies let down both themselves, as employers, and their customers. 

Resources Performance Reviews and Coaching

We help you review, hire and coach team members such as internal marketing, product design/development, graphic design staff, as well as external advertising, public relations, web/e-commerce, packaging design and retail store design firms. We’re often engaged for ongoing coaching and mentoring, usually on a monthly or quarterly basis, to help with key team members’ professional growth and to ensure positive momentum towards your goals. 


Brandemic Diagnostic
& Business Roadmapping Process

Companies come in many different shapes, sizes and levels of complexity based their evolutionary stage. We are a custom shop… our services can be deployed in a variety of ways and flexed to involve as many team members as needed in order to drive deep and lasting cross-departmental alignment and success.

Strategic Brand Planning

Where we tackle the biggest challenges facing your business.

Articulate Compelling & Sustainable Purpose/Vision

What do you do? Who do you do it for? Why do you do it? How do you intend to win in your market? When every single employee can not only answer those questions clearly, but also believes in the direction, you have taken the first big step towards building a powerful brand.

Clarify Brand Essence and Brand Positioning

What are the one or two words that express the true “essence” of your brand? These are not meant to be marketing words or taglines but will accurately convey the heart and soul of your company from an internal perspective. From there, we will do deeper work on the brand identity, style and voice.

Identify Target Customers

If you try to serve everyone, you’ll serve no one. Strategic focus on the expectations of the key customers that you’re building every part of your company to serve is critical to your chances of success. This part is easy to say, but hard to do. We’ll facilitate the rigorous process with your team so that you can make the hard choices on where to focus.

Team Alignment

Your customer experience will never be better than your employees’ experience.  Determining where to go and the path to take you there includes involving your entire team, not just to get “buy-in”, but to ensure you’re leveraging the strength of every individual in order to fortify your business plans and their job satisfaction.


Client Satisfaction

Every consulting engagement has earned client loyalty and positive future referrals


Retention Rate

The large majority of brand workshops have led to long-term* engagements
(*6 months up to 3 years)

$25B +

Revenues Driven

Effective brand strategies and marketing executions resulted in almost $30 billion in sales during tenure


Access deep brand-building experience born from decades in the leadership trenches of world-class consumer products companies – planning, building and doing – and put it to work for you.

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