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Today's business climate is mutating at unprecedented speed. Companies without clear and compelling brand value are falling victim to poor health and even extinction. Now is the time that every brand should be building their strategic immune system to withstand any challenges and capitalize on the new opportunities.

We do this because we believe a great brand is within the reach of any company that has the wisdom to aspire to it and the discipline to make it a priority. BRANDEMIC has the experience, skills and passion to help build great brands... so that's what we do.


Every company is different, so every challenge and solution is different too. The process is tailored to fit your needs.

BRANDEMICâ„¢ is a strategic planning and brand development partner led by a seasoned marketing chief who has helped define the mission, driven innovation and achieved growth for multiple industry-leading consumer product and retail companies including Foot Locker, adidas, Fleet Feet, Woolrich, Nathan Sports, Little Me Childrenswear and the iconic UK directory assistance brand The Number 118-118.

Whether it's a Fortune 500 company, a turnaround project or a startup, BRANDEMIC has a wealth of real-world expertise and battle-tested leadership experience inside successful companies that transfers directly to our clients. While the circumstances are different every time, there is a specific set of steps that, if expertly facilitated, with the full focus of a willing team, will lead to positive results every time. All this comes without the heavy overhead and procedural fuss of big consulting firms. BRANDEMIC delivers real value so that your business can do the same.


BRANDEMIC works closely with senior leadership teams, private equity firms and boards of directors to help good companies become great brands by bringing clarity and purpose to strategic decision-making while gaining buy-in and commitment from their teams.

Together with our clients, we liberate people from spending precious time, energy and resources on 'nice to haves' and allow them to focus on the core brand and business-building activities that truly matter.

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Brent Hollowell is a mission-driven marketing chief with over 25 years of CMO and SVP-level experience building powerful consumer brands and generating breakthrough market results for start-up, turnaround and Fortune 500 companies.

Brent has built a strong track record for defining brand distinctiveness in complex, dynamic markets, and has brought that expertise to bear as the founder of his own business consultancy, BRANDEMIC .

Whether helping emerging start-ups articulate their brand vision and purpose or helping established corporations recapture declining market share, Brent has distinguished himself as a versatile and energetic leader who consistently delivers and executes clear and sustainable strategies that drive healthy growth and achieve market success.

He holds a B.S. in Advertising from University of Texas at Austin and currently resides in North Carolina with his wife, Rebecca, and his trail-running buddy, Nacho, a faithful dog of undetermined origins.


Client Satisfaction

Every consulting engagement has earned client loyalty and positive future referrals


Retention Rate

The large majority of brand workshops have led to long-term* engagements
(*6 months up to 3 years)

$25B +

Revenues Driven

Effective brand strategies and marketing executions resulted in almost $30 billion in sales during tenure


Access deep brand-building experience born from decades in the leadership trenches of world-class consumer products companies – planning, building and doing – and put it to work for you.

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